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Abnormal loads
You must report all abnormal loads to police and the relevant bridge or highway authority a minimum of 2 clear working days before they are moved.

Loads must be reported when they exceed any of the following:
  • Width - 2.9 metres
  • Lateral projection of load - 3.05 metres
  • Length - 18.65 metres
  • Weight - 80 tonnes (bridge authorities must be notified if load exceeds 44 tonnes)


We can sometimes issue dispensations to vehicle operators to remove the need for them to report every individual load they transport.

These are usually issued to operators who transport loads of the same type such as mobile homes and engineering plant. All are issued with conditions, for example a maximum number of movements per year and the dimensions not to be exceeded.

It is also possible to apply for agricultural permits. These are dispensations which allow the movement of oversize agricultural vehicles such as combine harvesters.

Loads requiring escorts in Kent

More information

For more information contact our abnormal loads team. If you're asked to notify a load in writing please download the Form of Notice to Police and to Highway and Bridge Authorities.

Report an abnormal load

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