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Ashford man jailed for voyeurism and possessing indecent images of children

Ashford man jailed for voyeurism and possessing indecent images of children
An Ashford man who admitted voyeurism and possessing and making indecent images of children has been jailed for three years.

Detectives found more than 4,000 images of children on computers and devices belonging to Simon Macharia, formerly known as Simon James.

The 45-year-old, of St Barnabus Close, Ashford, also installed a secret camera in the smoke alarm in his bathroom and recorded a man and a young child.


Macharia pleaded guilty to 12 offences relating to the possessing and making of indecent images and movies, some of which were Category A – the most serious level. He also pleaded guilty to three offences of voyeurism.

The images and movies were discovered after a police carried out a search warrant at his home on 14 June 2017.

During forensic analysis of his computer, laptops and other devices, officers discovered more than 2,500 Category A images and movies and more than 1,500 Category B images and movies.

Admitted possession of images

Detective Sergeant Theresa Gaughran said: ‘At first Macharia denied all knowledge of having any indecent images of children. He then claimed that he had been sent hundreds of indecent images by an unknown person via WhatsApp.

‘Although he did later admit possession of indecent images, he maintained that these had automatically synced between devices and he had inadvertently downloaded them from the internet while he was downloading music from a music-sharing file.’

Macharia admitted buying and installing the camera in his bathroom but told officers he did not realise he was committing any offences because it was in his own home. He denied the footage was for his own sexual gratification.

Jailed for three years

Judge Simon James sentenced him to three years in prison at Canterbury Crown Court on Friday 30 November 2018.

DS Gaughran said: ‘What offenders forget is that behind every one of these images or movies is a child who has been the victim of abuse. They might not be from their area, or even their country, but they are real children who have been abused for the gratification of people like Macharia.’

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