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Community Policing Volunteer

We're looking for volunteers to play a new role in community policing. Could this be you?

As a Community Policing Volunteer (CPV) you’ll work closely with communities and businesses to promote community safety.  You'll also identify and support vulnerable people through local engagement and working with partner agencies.

You could be responsible for patrolling a neighborhood, or in a more specific role. You will be supporting the community by;
  • Providing reassurance and point of contact in the community
  • Utilising your powers to deal with antisocial behaviour and traffic management
  • Working with them and partners to resolve longer term community problems.
Working closely with regular officers, special constables, PCSO’s and partner agencies to actively seek information and intelligence around criminal activity, disorderly or anti-social behaviour and provide feedback on outcome of police action.

Shift pattern

You can (but do not have to) serve in an area where or close to where you live, so you already have an understanding of the community issues and key people to network with.

We are looking for a commitment of 16 hours a month and we understand times and dates will vary depending on your other personal commitments. The core hours we are looking for support from you, are between 0700 and 2300, 7 days a week. In addition we would request your availability to support community events and parades working alongside Police cadets and the Special constabulary.

What we are looking for in you

As a Community Policing Volunteer you will need good communication skills to build trust and confidence in a community, so you can gain vital information and intelligence to build a picture of criminal activity. Being able to listen and manage information sensitively is also important, so you can make accurate and timely electronic submissions of actionable intelligence on criminal activity, anti-social behaviour and vulnerability.

Am I eligible to apply?

before you apply

Apply online

Make sure you've read  about the job responsibilities above in the full along with the skills and eRecruitment guidance before starting your application.

Within the application form you must answer the following questions in no more than 500 words (max 166 per question). We'd advise you think about this first and pre-write your answers. 
1)      Why do you want to become a Community Policing Volunteer?
2)      What skills do you have to help you perform the role of Community Policing Volunteer?
3)      Why do you think the skills you have described in Q2 are relevant to the role of Community Policing Volunteer?

Within your answers please include any experience, skills and abilities you feel you have that will make you suitable.  Your response could include how you may have resolved a difficult situation, managed conflict or worked with other agencies or partners for your community. 

Apply online with a new application.
Login and continue an application you’ve already started.


What happens next?

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