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Domestic abuse

If you’re suffering physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse, or are being intimidated or threatened by a current or previous partner or family member over 16, you’re a victim of domestic abuse.

No matter who you are we’ll support you.

You can report domestic abuse to us online or call us on 101. If you're in immediate danger call 999 immediately.

To view the full range of support and information available in Kent or to talk to someone other than the police, visit Kent and Medway Domestic Abuse Services website

Litisha's story

You may be feeling frightened, isolated and ashamed but you must remember you’re not to blame and above all, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Help is available. 

We worked with Litisha to bring you her story of domestic abuse. Watch our video to find out about her ordeal and the effect her attack had on her. The offender was sentenced to 6 years in prison. 

how we can help

Our first priority will always be to make sure you (and your children) are safe. 

If an offence has been committed or is suspected, we’ll make an arrest. We’ll take your wishes into account when we decide what to do next. 

A police officer will talk you through the procedures so you know what you're being asked and why and we’ll also explain the investigation process if one needs to take place.

One of the options available is to look at putting a Domestic Violence Protection Notice (DVPN) in place.

A DVPN places immediate conditions on a suspect, such as stopping them from:

  • entering, and being within a certain distance, of your home
  • making you leave your home 

If you share the same home the DVPN will mean they have to leave immediately, taking the possessions they need with them. If that happens we’ll make sure we get an alternative address and contact number for them. 

We then have to get the DVPN formalised as a Order by the courts within 48 hours.

Clare's law

You can use Clare’s Law (also known as Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme) if you’re concerned your partner may have been abusive in a past relationship.

If checks show your partner has a police record involving abusive behaviour, or there's other information that shows you or your children may be at risk, depending on the circumstances we'll share that information with you.

A 3rd party, (for example your parent, neighbour or friend) can also make an application if they're concerned.

Please note: You will not be given information about the individual over the phone. You'll be asked to meet with an officer so we can confirm your identity and speak face-to-face.

Download: Clare's Law guide 
  • Who can request information?
    You can make an application for information about your partner if you're concerned they could harm you.

    A third party, for example your parent, neighbour or friend can also make an application if they're concerned about you.

    The disclosure (information about your partner) might to be given to the third party or we might decide it's better  you get the information yourself or that someone else who is well placed to protect you is given the information.
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