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I go out on a weekend and 'binge' drink, does this mean I have a drink problem?

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Many people go out on a weekend and drink more than half the weekly recommended units of alcohol in one night, this is a phenomenon known as 'binge drinking'. If you go out on a weekend and drink for drinking's sake to get hammered/blathered/smashed etc then you are a binge drinker.

Apart from the obvious risks to your health, it does not automatically follow that you have a problem with alcohol if you binge drink, although statistics do show that some binge drinkers go on to be chronic binge drinkers and develop a serious problem with alcohol.

However, you should be aware of the dangers of too much alcohol, not only to your health but also to your personal safety. When under the influence of alcohol you are more likely:

  • to have unprotected sex;
  • to be injured in accidents;
  • to be more vulnerable to violent crime (both as a victim and an offender).

Alcoholics Anonymous have a very good phrase, 'If alcohol is costing you more than money, then you have a problem'.

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