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Officer Misconduct Hearings are held in public for openness and transparency. 

At a hearing the facts are heard by a panel, often with help of witnesses, so a finding can be made. 

If an officer is found to have committed gross misconduct, depending on the circumstances, the available outcomes are:
  • Dismissal without notice
  • Final written warning
  • Extension added to a final written warning
  • Written warning
  • Management advice
  • No further action
For more information on police misconduct visit the Home Office website.

upcoming hearings

Dates of upcoming hearings will be published here.

Register attendance

To register your interest to attend a hearing, when one is listed above, please email or call 01622 652320.

outcomes of recent hearings

Date of Misconduct Hearing: 12 November 2018


Name of officer: Police Sergeant 9416 Clive Garton


The conduct and how that conduct was alleged to amount to gross misconduct:


The case arose from the conviction of Police Sergeant Garton on 26 June 2018 at Lewes Crown Court for rape and stalking. At court, Police Sergeant Garton was given a custodial sentence of 12 years for rape and 4 years for stalking. It was felt that it was incompatible with PS Garton remaining a police officer.


FindingGross Misconduct- Discreditable Conduct


Disciplinary outcomePS Garton was dismissed without notice




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